Where to now?

A lot has happen while I have been away from the blogging world.

  • Jan 2015, I quit my full time engineering job and decided to take a break and rediscover what is important to me – aka Quarter life crisis.
  • Feb 2015, I started a Yoga Teacher Training Course – which I love but is challenging me in new ways!
  • April 2015, I moved back home to Melbourne. I was living in rural, Mulwala NSW for engineering work.
  • Late April 2015, I got engaged! My partner in crime proposed after an amazing foodie experience at Vue de Monde, disguising the dinner as a “Welcome back to Melb/starting our new lives” dinner. Never saw it coming!
  • June-Sep 2015, I started working in a Physiotherapy Clinic to explore that as a new career direction but got treated really badly. Learnt a lot about how not run a business or treat your staff and clients.
  • Oct 2015, Decided to use my engineering skills for good and help started a start-up with my fiance, Biofuel Innovations. It’s very nerdy, check it out. We have found a novel way to make diesel (Biodiesel) from waste vegetable oil using enzymes which is safer, carbon neutral and better for the environment.

Apologise for dropping off the radar. Just been scared to share my lack of clear direction.
Everyone is really in the same boat. Figuring it out, day by day. Anyone else going through the same thing?

Food, Yoga and Farming are all I’m about at the moment.

Stay tuned for more!